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We hope you are safe and healthy in this unprecedented pandemic.

We all want to make a contribution at a time like this. Our expertise is in keeping the Internet up and running, with a focus on the home network. So, for millions that are relying on that connection to the outside world today, we are providing our app and remote support solution for free.

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The app will help you identify bottlenecks and fix them by testing your Internet.

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The remote support solution will allow you to help others, who lack the expertise.

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We’ll also let you use our secure and easy video & web conferencing tool when you want to be sure nobody is watching. Just click the button and share the URL with anybody.

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Internet outages are one of the world’s biggest challenges. We want to solve them and your feedback would help. We’d love to hear how wenewa is working for you.


Use cases

visualises all network components and their malfunction, both to end-users and remote support experts, allowing effective local network support.

creates a business opportunity for customer support providers by matching them with users who need help.

The following use cases describe how adds value for local network support:

About us

is a product of WebToGo GmbH.

WebToGo is a global team with nationals from more than 10 Countries, a history of satisfied customers and deep industry insights.

Our mission is to provide lasting value in mobile-first customer support through true self-help solutions that drive processes from the device, empowering end-users and support agents regardless of constraints of device and platform.

We focus on product innovation and quality engineering, investing 80% of our budget into creating cutting edge technology and solutions.

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